FasciAshi Advanced

2 days  -  16 CE hours


(pre-requiste: Intermediate Supine / Sidebody or equivalent with proof of CE’s. May require video audition.)


Make a stance against wimpy massage by taking our Advanced Ashiatsu massage training CE course!


This advanced level class empowers the experienced ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist to work with more difficult single and double footed strokes, potentially applying their full bodyweight as “kneaded.” Strokes are performed with the client in Prone, Anterior and Sidelying positions, while the therapist massages from varying angles of pressure to achieve a safe, deep, myofascial barefoot massage focusing on structural alignment.


After you’ve completed a live barefoot massage program (like our Fundamentals or another 16-24 hour program), come back to class and discover how to use your body to its fullest on your bigger clients! Our 2 footed strokes class offers high quality continuing education for the massage therapist wanting effective deep tissue massage training.


By the end of Advanced Ashiatsu, you'll:


  • know which strokes are appropriate for your clients, whether they are 1 footed, 2 footed, or modifications.
  • have more moves for the clients you can't use 2 feet on.
  • understand why females aren't typically well suited to receive the 2 footed strokes.
  • be able to adapt new strokes into your existing protocol.
  • understand contraindications for the deep work barefoot massage offers.
  • easily be able to encorporate smooth transitions on all your clients
  • work bi-laterally on your bigger clients with traction, compression, and glide.
  • work with both feet in the neck and shoulders on any size client
  • fight boredom from doing the same old massage


~ All of our graduates will receive lifetime access to our  Graduate Membership Site ~