Ashiatsu barefoot massage focusing on exploration of how to engage tissue with each stroke using myofascial release, trigger point, deep tissue and ROM techniques applied by your feet.

Weary of the cookie cutter routine that we (Jeni and Mary-Claire) taught for years with another company, we decided to branch out to show therapists not only how to do barefoot massage, but to use their feet with intention.


We believe in allowing the therapists to be creative with their barefoot massage, and grant them the ability to use their feet for myofascial release and their heels as trigger point tools while under a practiced eye in class. Our combined 32+ years of massage experience  gives us  extensive insight as to what works with clients and what does not.


It’s our goal to save the careers of therapists for years to come and to allow them to give their clients the deep tissue work they covet without compromising their own body mechanics.


Welcome to the future of barefoot massage!


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